The Creative Assist Program


The Creative Assist Program is composed of psychoanalysts and psychotherapists with a particular interest in helping people engaged in creative arts: painters, writers, sculptors, musicians, and performers of various kinds. Because of their artistic commitments, such people may not have employment that provides the income and/or the insurance coverage to support psychological treatment when the need arises. The therapists listed below, as participants in Creative Assist, have agreed to reserve a part of their time for treating such people, at a manageable fee. They also participate in a regular study group where various matters related to the treatment of creative artists are taken up.


Creative Assist does not dictate particular fees or treatment arrangements; those are matters to be negotiated with each therapist. Also, the therapists listed below come from various training backgrounds and are not all of the same theoretical orientation. However, they are all licensed to practice in their areas, if their areas are licensed, and they are all committed to providing treatment in a responsible and ethical manner.


Creative artists are as vulnerable as anyone else to anxiety, depression, inhibitions and fears, relationship difficulties – the whole range of problems for which therapy may be indicated. We encourage inquiries both from artists seeking services and from therapists interested in participating. Feel free to contact the Psychoanalytic Center or any of the following participating therapists.



Martha Childers, LPC, EdS

Conveniently located on the Country Club Plaza


David Donovan, Ph.D., Psychologist and Psychoanalyst
7611 State Line Rd., Ste 319
Kansas City, MO 64114


Michael Harty, Ph.D.
4200 Somerset, Suite 144
Prairie Village, KS 66208


Linda Kramer, MA, ATR, Art Therapist 

8350 N. St. Clair Ave., Suite 250

Kansas City, MO 64151



Bobbi Mendes MS, NCC, PLPC

4044 Central Street

Kansas City, MO 64111



Mark Newlon, MS, PLPC
150 E. Kansas Ave., Independence, MO 64050
1000 NE Barry Rd., Kansas City, MO 64155


Teresa Rose, Ph.D., Psychologist and Psychoanalyst
4200 Somerset Dr., Suite 239
Prairie Village, KS 66208