The Greater Kansas City-Topeka Psychoanalytic Center

Center membership runs from July 1 through June 30.  The Center offers two levels of membership: Regular and Sustaining.
Regular Membership dues are $200.  Payment at this level entitles you to all the benefits of membership, including full access to PEP-Web.
Sustaining Membership dues are $750.  Payment at this level represents your extraordinary commitment to help sustain and support the financial stability of the Center and its programs. If you were a Sustaining Member during the current membership year, you will be recognized at the Annual Dinner with a Certificate of Appreciation for your higher level of membership. 


Student Membership due are $75.  Students--undergraduate, graduate, interns, residents--from any academic discipline who are interested in learning more about psychoanalysis are eligible.  Payment at this level entitles students to all the benefits for regular Center membership.


The Center’s greatest asset and resource is you, its members.  Your personal presence and individual way of participating and contributing throughout the year will continue to support and advance the Center’s mission to provide and advance psychoanalytic training and practice and to promote awareness and interest in psychoanalysis within the wider community.


Thank you!


Nancy J. Crawford, J.D.                      David Blakely, M.D.
Treasurer                                                President

The Greater Kansas City-Topeka Psychoanalytic Center (GKCTPC) provides individuals interested in psychoanalytic thought with a forum for the discussion of theoretical, cultural and clinical ideas, and a place to discuss practical issues of concern.


The mission of GKCTPC includes several components.


• We seek to study and develop the science and art of psychoanalysis.

• We work to disseminate knowledge of psychoanalysis to the medical and health professions, to related academic disciplines and to the general public.

• And we strive to promote the professional education, development and practice of psychoanalysts in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri.



The Greater Kansas & Topeka Psychoanalytic Center is pleased to have members throughout Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri, as well as other states. Membership and full participation in the life of the Center are open to all individuals who have an interest in psychoanalytic ideas and applications. The Center sponsors continuing education events through Center seminars, workshops, and short courses. In addition, the Center offers a very popular public film series, Searching the Psyche Through Cinema. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for all licensed practitioners are available. Members receive reduced workshop fees, listings on this website, and all Center and Institute mailings. To apply download a membership application complete and send it to GKCTPC.



In 1965, the Psychoanalytic Study Group of Kansas City was incorporated as a Missouri not-for-profit corporation, a professional society for psychoanalysts, providing them with a forum for discussion of theoretical and clinical issues, and a place to discuss practical issues of concern and an organized way to pursue advocacy for the profession. In the 1990s the name was changed to the Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Society and we became a component society of the American Psychoanalytic Association. The organization immediately proceeded to establish its training program, The Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Institute. In 2005, the Topeka Psychoanalytic Society and the Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Society officially merged becoming The Greater Kansas City and Topeka Psychoanalytic Society. In 2008, the Society’s name changed to The Greater Kansas City-Topeka Psychoanalytic Center to reflect the transition from a professional Society to an open Center for all individuals who are interested in psychoanalytic ideas.


Board of Directors

The Board of the Directors of the GKCTPC are elected by the membership and serve terms of two years. The current Board of Directors are:

David Blakely, M.D. – President

Richard Zeitner, Ph.D.  – President-Elect

Gail Barham  – Secretary

Nancy Crawford, J.D. – Treasurer

Bonnie Buchele, Ph.D. – Councilor

Mari Hayes, Ph.D. – Councilor Alternate

Alice B. Bartlett, Ph.D. – Institute Director

Marilyn Metzl, Ph.D. - Program Chair

Michael Harty, Ph.D. - Ongoing Activities Chair

Richard Zeitner, Ph.D.  - Marketing & Outreach Chair

Rick Tirrell, Ph.D. - Foundation President

Walt Flynn - Candidates' Organization Representative