Nondiscrimination Statement

The Greater Kansas City-Topeka Psychoanalytic Center values diversity in thought, theory, and identity as we work to promote a safe and supportive environment to educate the community and train professionals in psychoanalytic thought and practice.  We strive to be inclusive of all races, cultures, and ethnicities.  We welcome people of all ages, sexual identities, affectional orientations, gender identities, religions, national origins, physical abilities, and people of any relationship status in our programming, education, membership, leadership, and community.  We acknowledge the destructive forces of systemic racism, religious persecution and intolerance, heterosexism, transphobia, ableism, and additional forms of othering and denigration that inhibit the experience of safety and security necessary for healthy individual, organizational, and societal growth and development.  We value all people and invite thoughtful, reflective, inclusive, and compassionate relationships within our Center, our Institute, and our community at large.